Getting into a car accident can be a frightening experience, and even if everyone is safe and sound, there’s still your car to worry about.

You can be quite stunned after an accident, so it’s helpful to know exactly what steps you need to take afterwards. At WGBW Group we come across a lot of crashes and accident repairs, with over 40 years of experience.

Today, we’ve compiled this handy checklist to follow in case of an accident.

Is Anyone Hurt?

This is the first and most important thing you need to look out for. Check yourself for injuries and then take care of others who are involved in the accident. Once you have done this, if it’s safe to exit the vehicle, check on the other car. If anyone is obviously injured call 000 straight away.

Get the Other Person’s Details

If there’s another party involved, always make sure that you get their name, address and phone number. It may be worth texting them while you’re there to ensure that they’ve given you the correct number. Most of the people will share the correct details but there few people who may want to escape the situation with fake details. Getting the right details will make insurance company much easier to chase for your claim.

Contact your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about your accident and help them to give as much as information you can from the accident scene this will help your claim progress smoothly which will lead to getting yourself back on the road soon as possible. If your car is repairable you may be entitled for a replacement vehicle too, ask us how by calling 1300 SMASHED.

Find a Panel Beater

If your car or any cars from the fleet need repairs you may want to take it to a panel beater also known as bodyworks or smash repairs. We have more than 40 years of experience and with this experience we bring confidence in repairing your car and present your car back to looking sharp as new.


Towing your Vehicle?

After the accident if you find that your car is not driveable or have doubt on driving then don’t try to drive this may cause more damage to the car. If this is the case you may need to call a tow truck. Of the car is still within 2km of the accident scene, then by law you are required to call Towing Allocation on 13 11 76. This is where you can advise the tow truck driver to have your car delivered to our location. If it is after your business hours the towing service will hold the vehicle until it can be delivered.